Configuration ini file

config.ini - is a main configuration file of your plugin. There are several cool things you can do with it:

  1. Tell Seotoaster to add plugin specific directory to the include path. To do that you have to use include_path directive. Example:
    include_path = system/app
    (you will find it in the config.ini by default if you use our bootstrap)
  2. Add additional items in the Seotoaster’s right-side admin menu, different fo each role (if you want)
    Here is a quick example how to do that:

    [superadmin : cpanel]
        title = "TODO"
        items[] = "Settings"
        items[] = "About"
    [copywriter: cpanel]
        title = "TODO"
        items[] = "About"
  3. Register plugin specific mail action triggers
  4. Register plugin specific route