Install and uninstall

Since we are ready with our plugin, we have to tell the Seotoaster to register this plugin in the system - install it. It is easy as pie. 

  1. Go to your website /go and login as a superadmin.
  2. On the admin panel open the OTHER section then click Plugins
  3. In the window that appears find your plugin and click Install button under its preview.


Note: During the install proccess queries form the install.sql file will be executed.

Once you installed the plugin a few options will be available for you, such as uninstall, disable and anable.


Uninstall - removes all plugin occurrences from the content and templates and executes queries specified in the uninstall.sql file.

Disable - “turn off” the plugin. Seotoaster stops parse plugin’s occurrences and execute plugin’s actions

Enable - opposite disabling, “turn on” the plugin